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Ever considered a Career in Care?

It doesn't matter about your background or how old you are, if you want to help people there's a social care job for you.

In social care you'll be helping people to live more independently and have a better quality of life so it's really important you have the right values. 

Here are some of the values and behaviors you might need to work in social care. 

  • Treat people with dignity and respect.

  • Good at working with others.

  • Committed to quality care and improving lives.

  • Willing to learn and develop at work. 

Here are examples of how these values might look in your everyday work. 

  • You spend time listening to people to get to know them and their needs.

  • You respect people's right to make their own choices and decisions.

  • You're committed to working as part of a team.

  • You give people your full attention and help people when they need it most.

Please see our current vacancies tab for more details, or call (01252) 512967

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